Boston Calling 2023 begins May 26, 2023. This website will tell you how many days until it starts.

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Boston Calling Music Festival FAQ

1. What is Boston Calling? Boston Calling is an annual music and arts festival held in Boston, Massachusetts. It features a diverse lineup of musical performances from various genres, along with visual arts, comedy acts, and other attractions.

2. When and where does Boston Calling take place? The festival typically takes place over a weekend in the late spring or early summer. It has been held at the Harvard Athletic Complex and other locations in the past. Check the official Boston Calling website for the most up-to-date information on dates and venue.

3. How do I buy tickets? Tickets can be purchased through the official Boston Calling website or authorized ticket vendors. There are usually different ticket tiers, including general admission, VIP, and sometimes single-day passes. Early bird tickets may be available at a discounted rate, so it's recommended to keep an eye on the website for announcements.

4. Can I bring my own food and drinks? Outside food and beverages are generally not allowed. There are usually food and drink vendors within the festival grounds offering a variety of options to choose from.

5. Are children allowed to attend? The festival is open to all ages, but keep in mind that some performances and content might not be suitable for young children. Children under a certain age (often around 10) may be admitted for free with a paying adult.

6. What should I bring to the festival? Bring essentials like a valid ID, sunscreen, comfortable clothing, and any necessary medications. A small bag, portable charger, and an empty water bottle (to refill inside) can also be useful. Check the festival's official guidelines for any specific items that are prohibited.

7. Is there seating available? Most of the festival is standing room only, especially near the main stages. Some VIP packages might include access to seating areas. However, you might consider bringing a small blanket or cushion for sitting on the grassy areas during performances.

8. Can I leave and re-enter the festival? This policy can vary from year to year and based on the festival's rules. Check the official website or ask staff at the festival about re-entry policies.

9. What about accommodations? Boston Calling doesn't typically provide accommodations, so you'll need to arrange your own lodging if you're coming from out of town. There are often partner hotels with special rates for festival attendees. Additionally, public transportation or ridesharing services are recommended, as parking can be limited and expensive.

10. Can I take photos or videos? Cameras and smartphones are generally allowed, but professional camera equipment might require a special pass. The festival usually encourages attendees to share their experiences on social media using designated hashtags.

11. What happens if it rains? The festival usually takes place rain or shine. It's a good idea to check the weather forecast before attending and bring appropriate rain gear if necessary.

12. Is there an official app for the festival? Yes, Boston Calling often releases an official app that provides information about the lineup, schedule, map of the grounds, and other important details. It's recommended to download the app before attending.

For the most accurate and up-to-date information, always refer to the official Boston Calling website or contact their customer service.

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